News updates 8 January 2014! Happy New Year!

  1. The next Speak Up Storytelling KC will be at Prospero’s Uptown on January 23rd. Our theme is Endings and Beginnings. Please join us!
  2. I will be performing Fairy Tales for Grown-ups, a selection of sexy, unsettling and unexpected stories based on classic fairy tales at the Uptown Arts Bar (Kansas City) on February 8.
  3. I’m thrilled to announce that I will be teaching and performing at both Sharing the Fire: Northeast Storytelling Conference (March 28-30, Amherst, MA) and the Northlands Storytelling conference (April 25-27 in Lake Geneva, WI). I look forward to seeing you!
  4. Have you checked out my blog lately? Lots of great storytelling content here.
  5. I had the pleasure of recently being interviewed by Brother John and Lady Knene on Legacy Alive, Testify: Overcoming by the Power of Story. It was a lovely time. We spoke about storytelling, what it means to be a cancer survivor and my biking experience. You can see the Legacy Alive page here and hear my interview here (hear here!). There are quite a few great interviews on the Legacy Alive page, I’d urge you to check them out.
  6. I had a great time in the 2013 Stories Connect Us All online storytelling festival. You can see my video here. There was a lovely write-up on me in the Kansas City Star here.

Back to your regularly scheduled content.

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Laura Packer is a dynamic storyteller, a thoughtful coach, an experienced teacher and a skilled writer. She understands how stories infuse our lives, our organizations and our products. She can help you make story a more vital part of your life.

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