News updates 18 August 2014! 

  1. I am excited to be a speaker at the Live Your Potential Women’s Conference in Kansas City, September 13-14. Check out all the great speakers and programs!
  2. Speak Up Storytelling KC is currently on hold. Prospero’s Uptown is moving and we’re looking for a new venue. If you have suggestions please contact me.
  3. I am searching for a new Kansas City home for my seven week Introduction to Storytelling class. If you have suggestions please contact me! It needs to be low cost (so I can keep the class affordable) and a space that permits talking – you know, storytelling.
  4. If you’re interested in any of my personal journey over the last few months please check out my blog. More storytelling content to come, but grief is taking much of my personal writing energy.

Back to your regularly scheduled content. You’re looking for just the right performance at your next event. You just went to a storytelling concert and want to learn how to do that. You’re an experienced performer looking to deepen your telling. You think storytelling could bring new perspectives to your craft or organization. You need a document that shines and connects your readers to your topic. Laura Packer is a dynamic storyteller, a thoughtful coach, an experienced teacher and a skilled writer. She understands how stories infuse our lives, our organizations and our products. She can help you make story a more vital part of your life.

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