You’re looking for just the right performance at your next event. You just went to a storytelling concert and want to learn how to do that. You’re an experienced performer looking to deepen your telling. You think storytelling could bring new perspectives to your craft or organization. You need a document that shines and connects your readers to your topic. Laura Packer is a dynamic storyteller, a thoughtful coach, an experienced teacher and a skilled writer. She understands how stories infuse our lives, our organizations and our products. She can help you make story a more vital part of your life.

News update January 2020! 

    1. Happy New Year! I hope 2020 brings you joy, curiosity, contentment, and many great stories.
    2. The Audience to Zeal Workbook is out! This is the companion book to  From Audience to Zeal: The ABCs of Finding Crafting and Telling a Great Story, which readers have called “a treasure chest,” “compelling,” and “a masterclass that’s accessible to a beginner and to a master of the craft” The workbook is full of useful exercises for all kinds of applied storytellers and is designed to be used hand-in-hand with the larger text.
    3. I’m expanding my coaching work. If you are looking for affordable, creative, compassionate, clear-headed coaching, I’m available in person or via Skype/Hangouts/etc. Let’s talk.
    4. If you want more stories in your life or you love the work I do, please support my Patreon. As little as $3/month will get you inside updates, while $5 gets you a monthly story and $15 gets you a personalized signed copy of my book!

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